At AKR PR, we strategically work with our corporate and personal clients to develop their consumer brand while sustaining and maximizing their longevity within the industry. At AKR PR we believe every move you make is an extension of your brand and we ensure your brand stays parallel to the message you want to send to your audience. AKR PR has a very selective client base and is passionate about each client we represent. We ensure our clients' placements in the appropriate broadcast, digital and print outlets and pride ourselves on close and long-standing positive relationships with many national, regional and international members of the media who value us because of our integrity and our clients.


AKR PR has a vast knowledge of creating unique experiences for each client garnering top coveted media placements. We are committed to staying on the pulse of the ever-evolving beauty landscape and implementing modern tactics creating innovate programs specific for each client. Combining our entertainment resources with our beauty PR background we ensure that each brand is featured across a diverse array of outlets reaching not only their targeted demographic but also a new audience.


AKR PR has catapulted numerous primetime, daytime, syndicated and digitally streamed television shows into pop culture infamy. We work with various production companies and networks to create the entire launch strategy and continue to maintain the show’s PR campaign throughout the duration of the series, as well as pre and post production.


AKR PR conceptualizes and manages all aspects of events on behalf of our clients. We utilize our extensive network of resources to produce press-worthy on brand events. Our eye for detail is unparalleled making our events some of the most high profile in the industry. Based on AKR PR's exceptional direct relationships with talent, publicists, agents and managers, we are able to access a wide variety of VIP talent/influencers. From athletes to the A-list and everything in between, AKR PR will secure the right talent to attend your event or represent your product/brand.


AKR PR collaborates with a myriad of Fortune 500 brands for social networking activations and endorsements for a diverse slate of products. We have grasped the concept of modern social media that has become a critical component to the success of PR practitioners and use that knowledge to expand a client's brand to a wider audience and gain social media traction.


AKR PR will get your "brand on the A-list." We orchestrate organic photo opportunities to hit your target demographics, creating the feeling- ‘If he does, I can. If she has it, I need it.' Taking a 360˚ approach, AKR PR handles all aspects of this process including: talent procurement, photography, as well as guaranteeing national media placements. Additionally, we offer innovative services to create brand ambassadors and increase experiential sampling opportunities with influencers. The resulting activations integrate key brand points that speak to its unique positioning.


AKR PR works behind the scenes to discretely diffuse and manage any crisis situation that may arise for a client. The media relationships we have spent years fostering allow us to be proactive rather than reactive under any circumstances and instant response tactics help an incident remain isolated. We have experience handling a wide variety of quandaries, whether it be for brands, Fortune 500 companies, or personalities. Our expertise allows us to have all sectors covered for any unpredictable events that occur. With the ever-evolving dissemination of content, we stay on the pulse of each new media platform fully understanding the impact it can create.


AKR PR provides public relations services to numerous private equity firms along with advising them on their emerging and established consumer brands, acquisition targets and investments. We work to manage and analyze the consumer brands of their portfolio companies and evaluate potential strategic partners within the consumer retail sector.